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Smoke Creek Ranch Farm View We think of the Smoke Creek Ranch as being a little touch of the west back here in the east.

Smoke Creek Ranch is located in the south central area of Pennsylvania. Our landscape is blanketed with amazing rolling hillsides and beautiful lush green pastures that burst with life each spring.

Smoke Creek Ranch can supply you with high quality grass hay and alfalfa/grass hay mix for your feeding needs. We produce all our hay right here on the ranch. Keep your eye on our ranch calendar for cutting and sale dates.

We cut;
Alfalfa/orchard grass mix
Clover/orchard grass mix
Timithy/orchard grass mix

Keep your eye on our Ranch Events Calendar - Hay Sales, Horse Training Clinics, Horse Sales and more. Stay informed.

alfalfa-orcahrd grass hay

alfalfa-orcahrd grass hay
Smoke Creek Ranch Phtots We've posted new 2010 photos of Little Joe and General DeeAblo
Smoke Creek Ranch Photo Horse play around the Smoke Creek Ranch   
Ranch Video
updated- March 10, 2012

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